Shimadzu’s New GCMS NX Series Combines Exceptional Accuracy and Sensitivity with Easy Maintenance and Operation

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GCMS NX Series Lineup

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of its GCMS NX series gas chromatograph mass spectrometers. The new NX series, which consists of the triple-quadGCMS-TQ8050 NX, the triple-quadGCMS-TQ8040 NX, and the single-quadGCMS-QP2020 NX, combines high accuracy and high sensitivity with easy maintenance and improved operating efficiency.

The GCMS NX series systems use SSI's latest Nexis GC-2030 as the gas chromatograph (GC) unit, which is equipped with a next-generation flow controller that enables ultra-fast and ultra-precise control and accommodates a variety of applications. Together, the GCMS NX and the Nexis GC-2030 assure high sensitivity and high performance.

For ease of maintenance, the GCMS NX series systems incorporate ClickTek™, a mechanism that allows tool-free attachment and removal of consumables. Maintenance-reducing features include a sample injection port that users can open and close without using tools and a column oven with a light that illuminates the immediate area. ClickTek™ shortens the time required to replace certain parts by 80% and helps to raise productivity at analysis laboratories by eliminating dependency on certain operators to handle the work.

此外,全球大气环流模型NX年代eries systems improve operating efficiency by reducing standby time. With conventional GC-MS, the operator must check the system during startup, shutdown, maintenance and tuning. With the GCMS NX series, the systems are equipped with an active time management function, which enables control of the total system operating time and shorter standby time, while automating verification operations. Reducing GC-MS verification steps further improves system operating efficiency.

GCMSsolution software provides intuitive control of the GCMS NX Series. Also included is LabSolutions Insight. This data review software enables faster quantitative analysis and higher productivity when analyzing pesticides, forensic toxicological substances, environmental pollutants, and many other substances. In addition, each system can be configured with a variety of sample introduction devices to address specific application requirements.