Shimadzu's New Shim-Pack Velox LC Columns Increase Separations and Reduce Analysis Times on Any LC Platform

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Shim-pack Velox LC Columns

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of the newShim-pack Velox columnswith core-shell technology that are designed to maximize performance of LC systems. These columns enable users to achieve increased separations and faster analysis times on any LC platform. The core-shell columns provide excellent lifetime for the most challenging sample matrices.

改善separat Shim-pack Velox列ion and detection by delivering increased resolution with maximum efficiency. Their excellent reproducibility maintains analysis and data integrity. They also reduce the cost of analysis and maximize laboratory productivity via faster separation times, increased sample throughput and superior ruggedness.

Using the Shimadzu column selection guide ensures optimal column configuration and improved chromatography for various LC platforms. Combining highly efficient core-shell particle technology with a wide range of surface chemistries enables users to achieve optimal resolution in a wide variety of applications and challenging separations. Shim-pack Velox columns also assure consistent lot-to-lot performance.

Shim-pack Velox SP (Sterically Protected)-C18 columns are intended specifically for use under low pH conditions and offer a well-balanced retention profile with a long lifetime—even under harsh, acidic conditions needed for LC/MS(/MS) analysis. Shim-pack Velox C18 is a traditional end-capped C18-bonded phase, which offers the highest hydrophobic retention of any Shim-pack Velox phases and is applicable to a wide range of applications such as pharmaceutical, food, environmental and clinical and neutrals at moderately low and mid-range pH.

Shim-pack Velox Biphenyl provides enhanced retention of aromatic compounds. It is useful for fast separations in bioanalytical applications due to the increased retention of early eluting analytes such as dipolar, unsaturated and conjugated analytes.

Shim-pack Velox PFPP (pentafluorophenylpropyl) provides an alternative selectivity to C18 columns and is suitable for the analysis of halogenated compounds, positional isomers and charged bases.

Shim-pack Velox HILIC (hydrophilic interaction chromatography) using unbonded core-shell particles is specifically designed for hydrophilic interaction chromatography that can be used to improve the retention of challenging polar analytes, such as nucleosides.