Shimadzu Supports MoCann Testing to Become First State-Certified Medicinal Cannabis Testing Lab in Missouri

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces business partner MoCann Testing, a division of EKG Labs, is the first laboratory approved to test medicinal cannabis in Missouri. MoCann Testing offers a full suite of testing services for Missouri Marijuana Cultivators and Manufacturers license holders. SSI is an industry leader in providing analytical instruments, solutions and support that enable fast and easy start-up of cannabis and hemp testing facilities.

SSI’s cannabis and hemp testing solutions cover a broad range of QC applications, from highly accurate potency testing and terpene profiling to contaminant testing for pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and mycotoxins/aflatoxins. SSI’s platforms and training ensure experts and novices alike will generate quality results from a wide variety of cannabis samples.

“We are excited to support MoCann’s mission to help individuals across the state of Missouri have access to safe medical marijuana through accurate sample testing and quality results,” said Bob Clifford, Ph.D., general manager of marketing, SSI. “Because selecting the right analytical solutions is a critical investment, we provide more than just advanced instrumentation and software. We assist with method development, instrument training and maintenance that keep systems operating at the highest level.”

“Working with the experts at Shimadzu was key in helping us get our quality analytics and control laboratory up and running quickly,” said Katie Grayson, CEO of MoCann Testing. “We are proud of being the first lab approved by the state to conduct this important testing to safeguard medicinal cannabis products.”

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For more details, visit SSI’scannabis and hemp testing solutions information page.